NB Genetics bulls from exciting new sire and dam batteries will be on offer at the 30th annual Sandon Glenoch Angus Bull Sale held at "Glenoch", Chinchilla and online via Elite Livestock Auctions.

Bulls by sires such as BALDRIDGE COMMAND C036, G A R DRIVE, G A R FAILSAFE, G A R ASHLAND, BALDRIDGE BEAST MODE B074 and TEX PLAYBOOK 5437 will go under the hammer.

All sale bulls are:

  • Performance recorded with genomics

  • DNA sire verified

  • Vaccinated (7-in-1, 3-day, vibrio, IBR)

  • Tested free of pestivirus

  • Blooded for tick fever

  • Semen motility and morphology tested

  • Independently structurally assessed

  • Provided with dam calving data


Photos and videos for all bulls will be uploaded to the website in early July.

We will also have yearling bulls for private sale available in November. Photos and videos will be uploaded to our website by late October.


NBGen progeny has the genetics to improve every economic trait for beef producers.

To book an inspection, please contact Nick on 0428 655 128 or via our contact us page.